Vietnam Luxury Goods is the pre-eminent tropical luxury lifestyle company. We enable better opportunities for our workers home in Vietnam by developing deep and trusting relationships with our business partners. Our mission is to design, manufacture and commercialize unique and creative products of exceptional quality for export that showcase Vietnam’s rich handicraft culture.

Material and Design

Beside all designs are available on our website and our showroom, we would customize our products to meet to your requirement. With simple, sculptural and well-made products, our standout woven furniture signal a reappraisal of natural material such as rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth,.. and high quality synthetic material like rope, resin,… These beautiful weatherproof collections suitable for indoor and outdoors. Every piece of furniture is handmade in the spirit of traditional craftsmanship, bringing warmth and elegance to our furniture design.


We produce furniture by using highest quality of natural material and synthetic material such as: resin, rope, rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth,…to make beautiful weatherproof collections suitable for out- or indoors. Every piece of our handmade furniture is made with highest skill of traditional craftsmanship, giving soul and unique character to each living space.